Japanese Sika Deer 🦌

Inktober prompt : treasure

Sika deer are regarded as a national treasure in Japan and are protected by law.  A very popular spot for tourists is the Nara Deer Preservation Foundation which is home to over 1,200 free-roaming deer.

Unfortunately that popularity with the increased exposure to people has led to issues with plastic bags and wrappers. Of the fourteen deer that died between March and June this year, nine of them had stomachs stuffed with plastic rubbish.  We’re used to hearing about the affects of plastics in the ocean but it gets everywhere thanks to littering.

This is another “ink-drop” painting following my ink-drop rat from yesterday, with another video to show the magic.

3 thoughts on “Japanese Sika Deer 🦌”

  1. Great work, Steve. You’re really making the most of Inktober this year. I have enjoyed following along.

    It is very interesting to watch the brushed ink bring these to life. At some point do you think you could post more detail about the process? Perhaps a post dedicated to creating these sketches start to finish.

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