World Welfare 🌎

Inktober prompts : Injured, Catch and Ripe.

I’ve combined the last three Inktober prompt words. Missed the end of the month but had to finish the picture off 🤗

There is no doubt to human impact to the planet, we’ve INJURED it through our actions, that’s an undeniable fact. The world is RIPE for change and if we’re able to CATCH it in time then the consequences of our actions, whether those actions were made through ignorance or from greed, then hopefully we can limit that damage.

Welfare of the world isn’t just about saving one species from extinction, or buying a more economical car. It’s a attitude shift from those that can affect real change, governments, business leaders, etc. The greed and consumption has to stop, or humans will soon be on the critically endangered list.

2 thoughts on “World Welfare 🌎”

  1. A powerful image to end and of course I agree with the message. I love the blues – really nice and deep against the dark background, it gives a crystal ball quality. Congrats on another great Inktober.

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