Outlining the next car project…

I’m about halfway through my next digital car drawing.

Whilst I’m drawing this one in a much better way having learned some valuable lessons from the last one it’s still a case of learning the best approach  – and also putting in the thought as to what I actually want from the finished image.

That last one for instance I actually drew and then re-drew twice over, I started it in the Springtime !!  I certainly could have created 7-8 paintings of the same size in the same time.  Though it’s not really about how long it takes…  at this stage it’s more about optimising the process and it’s also at this stage that I’m making the most “wins”.  Grabbing that low-hanging fruit, as it were.

Despite the re-working on the last one as mentioned the actual end result between the three different pictures would take a fairly keen eye to spot the difference, but I knew what I was after and eventually (nearly) achieved – so that’s the main thing.  I’ve read that as an aspiring artist it’s always best to pursue your own vision and hopefully that will appeal to someone other than yourself, but even if it doesn’t then at least you’ve not sold out just to please others.

Anyway, enough waffle – here’s the half-way point on the next one, can you tell what it will be?  If you’re a car enthusiast then chances are you may well know it, if you’re a car enthusiast who was around in the late 80’s then you’ll definitely know it – if not then hand in your badge on the way out 🤣👍


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