Sketching around St Paul’s Cathedral ⛪

It’s been a while since doing any ‘urban sketching’.

I’m still ‘arting’ daily but they all seem to be long term projects at the moment so this was a nice break.

As you can see I couldn’t get a photo of the drawing with the relevant statue on the cathedral with the camera. You’d even have to zoom in even from this close to see them.

The sketches were drawn from about 100 metres even further away!! That goes to show how good the human eye is at focussing on the details 👁️

The boy with his dog and the selfie people were drawn at a different time but not posted before so I thought I’d include them here.

5 thoughts on “Sketching around St Paul’s Cathedral ⛪”

      1. Yes, you should! Urban sketchers do brilliant work. I have a tutorial book on it, and an urge to manage it, but there’s just so much stuff I want to do at the same time. Maybe 2020 is the year 🙂

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