Norton TT 2019 Superbike🏍️

Another watercolour sketch from my tour to the Tourist Trophy in 2019.

This is John McGuiness on the Norton, a bike I was particularly keen to see as a bit of a Norton fan.

It didn’t actually do that well in the end, but it was still the best looking and best sounding machine in my opinion.

This is in the same little sketchbook that I painted the previous motorbike in. Quite small pages and a coarse finish so doing the details was tricky but fun.

Here are some of the process shots. For those who look for my signature logo, it is in there but fairly obscure 😉

8 thoughts on “Norton TT 2019 Superbike🏍️”

  1. Wonderful painting, Steve. I didn’t realize your brand had grown into such a presence in the racing circuit. It appears that you have claimed prime real estate among the sponsors logos.

  2. The details on his suit are superb, right down to the visor! And hours of fun once again searching for your signature mark, and once again that not being much of an exaggeration. 😉

    1. Many thanks Jacob, I hope you didn’t spend more hours looking than I spent painting 😳

      It did take several hours though, once again it was supposed to be a quick sketch to try out ideas for a bigger painting. I don’t seem to have much resolve when it comes to the “quick” part though.

      I think you may have mentioned that you don’t do Instagram. But here’s a tip just in case, if you tap on my pictures there then a tag will pop up, the pointer on the tag locates the signature 😉👍

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