Five line waffle

A new portrait drawing, as you can see this was drawn with a regular ballpoint pen.

When I started off drawing this I wanted to restrict myself to drawing patterns of just five lines. The whole picture is just straight lines, no curves here.

However when I needed to get the darker shades I did need to crosshatch, for some reason whilst drawing those the phrase “five line waffle shading” popped into my head and stuck.

So here it is, a five line waffle portrait (it’s just crosshatched really).

The subject is Laura, another portrait artist from the Sketchy group. Hope you like this style.

6 thoughts on “Five line waffle

    1. SteveKiddArt Post author

      Thank you, it became a bit daft in the areas where the lines are dense as you can only do a few different angles.

      So you end up with a twenty line waffle. But each of the blocks was drawn five lines at a time 😉

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