The Notorious S.M.A.L.L.

This could be potentially be the smallest portrait painting of Biggie in the world. Can’t be sure about that fact πŸ€”

One fact I am sure about though, this is the Best Acrylic Painting I’ve Ever Done.

How do I know that? Because it’s the ONLY acrylic painting I’ve ever done – this is the first! πŸ˜†

Looking forward to learning more about handling acrylics, it’s fun but the stories about fast drying are true – really fast!

Here’s the new toys for my first ventures into acrylics.

9 thoughts on “The Notorious S.M.A.L.L.”

    1. Thanks Meg, I like that it’s got the potential to be painted a bit like watercolour as I did here. I’ll definitely be trying out more painterly thicker application as well.

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