Sworded Horseman ⚔️

The pencils were feeling a little neglected what with all the digital and paintings lately.

I had to scroll all the way back to July last year to find something comparable.

9 thoughts on “Sworded Horseman ⚔️”

  1. Looks awesome Steve! Have you used charcoal too? There is a substantial amount of black to only be pencil!! Looks very good and reminds of Lord of the Rings characters! Hope you doing well amid the virus madness.

    1. Many thanks Iasonas, it’s Conte Pierre Noire pencils which have a substantial charcoal mix.

      I did another post a while back about the blackest pencils I could find and these were they. Quite crumbly and not great for detail, Mars Lumograph Black would probably be a good choice for detail – not quite as black but more controllable for sure.

      1. Sounds interesting. I recently used some water soluble graphite pencils which were seriously black when applied on slightly wet paper. I can’t recall the name or brand (it was the tutors art supplies during a lesson). Surely though there will be plenty of similar alternative s out there if you wanted to give it a go!

        1. I’ve got a water soluble graphite pencil I bought years back but it’s got the same grey graphite sheen. Useful for marking up prior to painting though as it can be blended away into the watercolour 😉👍

    1. Thank you sir, the detail would’ve worked better on A3 rather than A4 but that’s OK.

      Guilty again of starting out to do a “quick sketch”, and two weeks later it’s still not finished 🤦‍♂️

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