Leaf practicing

In case you’ve never drawn leaves from observation I can recommend it as good practice. It trains that eye-to-paper connection brilliantly and also (shhh, secret… Read More »Leaf practicing

Goat 🐐

Quick pen urban sketch of this goat at Spitalfields, London.

Slightly spooky churchyard πŸ‘»

This churchyard is in Chilham, Kent. It wasn’t supposed to be all that scary, hence the β€˜slightly spooky’ tag.

Inktober Day 26 SQUEAK 🐁

The original squeakers. As today’s is a bit basic (certainly compared with yesterday’s mammoth task) I’ve included the in-process drawings.

Inktober Day 22 JUICY πŸ™‰πŸ™Š

πŸ‘€ Looks like a juicy bit of gossip… Maybe she said β€œSteve was trying to draw a cartoony look, he missed that target really…”