Steve Who?

Hello there and a very warm welcome to Steve Kidd Art – my online art blog and gallery.  I only recently started drawing in 2012, and then watercolour painting at the start of 2018.

For the first few years I was making pictures and then sticking them in the drawer hidden from the world so in 2017 I decided to setup this site to show anyone that was interested.  It was also to encourage everyone to have a go at creating art because really… anyone can do it – including you.  If you’re saying “I have no artistic talent” then that’s exactly where I was not so long ago so I’m proof-positive that you can do it.

I then setup a shop as there was some demand for originals, prints and downloadables.  It’s particularly rewarding to know that artworks I’ve created are hanging on walls in variety of places around the world.

I regularly post sketches, paintings and other projects to the blog along with observations, techniques, processes, hints, tips and most likely the odd mistake – if anyone can learn from my mistakes then I consider that mission accomplished.

If you wanted to keep in touch, qualify for the occasional money off voucher codes for my Etsy shop, etc. then you can sign up here.

Feel free to email me directly ( ) if you wanted to ask any questions, make commission requests, sell me PPI or generally just let me know what’s on your mind with regards to artwork (I’m not really interested in the PPI by the way).

And if you’re not currently drawing then start right now.  Today.  And then again tomorrow, and the next day, etc… it’s really good for your brain – give it a go !!

Nulla dies sine linea


And finally thanks to these wonderfully tasteful people who have supported me in this artventure !! 



Hi Steve! The good news is your pictures arrived safe and sound. They’re just wonderful! Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to hanging them in my studio.

Melissa, Connecticut, USA

This is awesome, I love how you took two photos and made it into one. Details are amazing, love it, thank you so much.

Rick, Kentucky, USA

Alhamdulillah, I get your gift! Very Very thanks Steve.

Dikky and Widi, Tangerang, Indonesia

Thank you Steve for the perfect picture.

Dikky and Widi, Tangerang, Indonesia

Thank you very much for the drawings! It was delivered so fast. And I have no words to tell you how much I was surprised and happy with the extra drawings. 🙂 I like them all, thank you!

Kristina, Budapest, Hungary

I think when a drawing (or painting) is looking much better in real life than on the screen, it is something with the art. Your drawings are much more beautiful and full of life than on the screen.

Kristina, Budapest, Hungary

Received the artwork and I love it 😊 you are very talented. I’m going to take it to be framed today because I can’t wait to get it on the wall. Thank you so much Steve.

Charlie, London, UK

Thanks Steve. I love the picture and would have willingly paid more for it. You clearly have a real talent!

John, Worcester, UK

5 out of 5 stars – Wonderful little piece of art 🙂

Audrey, Ohio, USA

Got the Stanford print today from our local printer. It is PERFECT!!!!!! Matches my undergrad building prints beautifully and the size you suggested could not have fit better in my frame. I LOVE IT. … You have been wonderful to deal with – so helpful. The downloaded art was the best! Many thanks, Lisa

Lisa, Pennsylvania

Highly recommend this seller – not only for the quality of his art, but also for his professional suggestions and communications. I had a specific purpose in mind when I saw this Stanford print and was able to use the Etsy conversation box to explain my needs. Seller actually took the time to convert this […]

Lisa, Pennsylvania

Steve, I received your envelope last night.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  IT IS EXCELLENT.  Will keep that with the car going forward.  [Ford Mustang painting]

Robin, New York