Hello and welcome to Steve Kidd Art, my online blog-gallery.

I regularly post up sketches, paintings and other ongoing arty projects.  I’ll also add any observations, processes used, hints, tips and likely the odd mess-up – if anyone can learn from my mistakes then I’m glad to share the experience.

You can view the pictures from the Artworks link above, or if you want to get in touch the please feel free to use the form below.

Any art I do is purely down to “acquired skill” – I’m far from being a natural talent at it.  In fact I only started this as an experiment, so… I’d encourage everyone (yes, that means you) to get creative, give it a go.

It can be hard work putting in the time, it’s not easy (for most) but it’s great to use the right hand of the brain once in a while and make some marks, draw every single day – it’s good for you !!


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