A small selection of some of my finished pieces.

I’ll add to this constantly so please check back occasionally.

All are original, my own and copyright of Steve Kidd unless otherwise noted.  However please do feel free to share along with a link back to this website.

Sales – if you were looking to buy any of my artwork I list items occassionally on eBay and Etsy, the prices are the same so just pick whichever one you prefer.

If you were interested in buying something you’ve seen but I haven’t listed it then let me know, likewise if you have a requirement for a private commission then please get in touch.

Many thanks for looking,



The Inner Chimp / Pencil / A4 / Original SOLD /  Limited edition prints no longer available




Harley Cavalier / Coloured Fineliner / 15 x 10 / Original and prints unavailable for sale



Candy Kitten / Coloured charcoal / A5 / Original and prints unavailable for sale



Hairy Donkeys / Pencil / A4 / Donated to



Catwoman / Ink and Coloured Pencils / A4 / Original SOLD / Prints still available



Hoover Tower, Stanford University  / Chinese Ink with a dip pen / A5 / Original SOLD / Prints still available




Le Départ de Paris / Coloured Charcoal / A4 / Original SOLD / Prints still available