A small personalised selection of some of my finished pieces below.

I’ll add to this constantly so please check back occasionally.

All are original, my own and copyright of Steve Kidd unless otherwise noted.  However please do feel free to share along with a link back to this website.

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Quick ink sketch portraits from reference shots on social media, experimenting with differing styles.

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… and a few quick sketches drawn over the Christmas 2017 break…

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My daily drawings from Inktober 2017, the challenge was to follow a daily prompt single word and come up with a drawing for the day – using ink, so no erasing !!  And then post it to social media with an Inktober hashtag.  I think the global total was in the millions rather than thousands – amazing!!

It was my first go at this, and whilst it was tough, really tough on some days, it was undoubtedly beneficial.  I think I’ll be back for more next year.

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Glass Tumbler / Pencil on A4



Flute Girl / Pencil on A3


The Inner Chimp / Pencil on A4 / SOLD



Widi & Dikky  – a portrait commission done entirely with Bic Biro pen on A5


Harley Cavalier / Coloured Fineliner / 15 x 10 / SOLD


Candy Kitten / Coloured charcoal / A5 / SOLD



Hairy Donkeys / Pencil / A4 / Donated to



Catwoman / Ink and Coloured Pencils / A4 / Original SOLD / Prints still available



Hoover Tower, Stanford University  / Chinese Ink with a dip pen / A5 / Original SOLD / Limited Edition Prints available




Le Départ de Paris / Coloured Charcoal / A4 / Original SOLD / Prints still available