Privacy Policy

Whilst I’m not a large corporation and I have an employee count of exactly one – it seems that we need disclaimers to scratch our ears these days.

Under the Terms of Use, I will never share, sell or rent your data to anyone or any third party for any reason.

There is a mailing list is stored by a third party professional company, i.e. not on my phone, a Rolodex, scrappy Post-It notes on the fridge, etc. The company has a data storage centre complete with information storage security certificate (ISO 27001), as well as the certificate of IT service management (ISO 20000). So you can rest assured that your data is safe – even from me!!

If you’re feeling scared about all this then may I suggest you stop looking at my website, close the browser, turn off the PC and go and hide in the woods.  One thing I would ask, don’t forget a sketchbook and pen, I’ll see you there…