Cassowary – A5 Original Ink Artwork Drawing


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It would pay to be wary of a cassowary.

The most dangerous bird in the world. Considering the size, cassowaries are second only to ostriches. But cassowary attacks are more deadly than ostriches. If provoked, they become extremely aggressive and attack viciously. The powerful legs and sharp claws are primary weapons of cassowaries.

With one blow using these claws, they could break the bones of a human and in fact earlier this year the owner of one was killed in an attack. They don’t sell these at the local pet shop with good reason.

This is a genuine original artwork (not a print) painted with Kuretake black ink on Canson 1557 180gsm bright white heavy paper.

The price includes FREE GLOBAL POSTAGE.

Please contact me if you’d like a picture of your pet or animal drawn/painted in this style, commission slots are available currently.

(c) 2019 Steve Kidd. Please note that standard copyright law applies. Unless specifically stated copyright remains with the artist who reserves the right to reproduce any works in any format. Ownership of this artwork may be transferred (sold), however it cannot legally be reproduced by anyone else without express permission.


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