Lotus Exige Cup. One off. Unique. Hand-drawn Giclée Artwork. OOAK.


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This is a one-off giclée print from a commission I recently completed for a friend (it was his car) and was printed as a test case really to see how well it came out, the answer is that in my opinion it’s better than the original !!

In case you’re not familiar with giclée printing, it’s not to be confused with your usual inkjet/laser or even “fine art prints” – it’s basically the best possible process available.

This was printed by the best print shop in the UK, as in the “best quality”, not the “best value”.  It’s on Canson Aquarelle thick paper, which is more like card and just exudes quality.

Here’s why I think it’s better than the original;

1. Consistent finish – the original drawing has some patchiness in places due to the differing finishes of the pens, even though they’re from the same brand.
2. Zero glare – the blacks are really a lovely deep matt black whereas the original ink finish shines in places.
3. Paper quality – I had this reproduced on top quality Canson.  Whilst the original paper wasn’t cheap this is a step above.
4. Longevity – the pens it was drawn with claim light fastness, I personally don’t believe that.  This print however uses certificated archival ink and thus comes with a ridiculously long guarantee, 90-100 years or something like that.  Long after I’m gone anyways, please contact my descendants if it fades.

It’s A3 in size, which is 297 x 420 mm / 11.7 x 16.5 so it’s easy to source a frame.  It could also be professionally mounted on a canvas mounting frame if required due to the substrate thickness but I think regular framing would be more appropriate.

Why is it this cheap then?  Basically it’s also the reason why it’s a one-off, I made the mistake of having the image printed too close to the edge to allow for a frame with a 1″ mount.  It’d obviously look great in a glass clip-frame, or a frame without a mount but I had it in mind to be suitable for a frame with a 1″ mount so I’m offering this one off for sale.

thanks for looking,

PS.  The price includes free shipping to anywhere globally!

PPS Apologies for the low-quality photos, it was just a quick snapshot with the phone under a flourescent garage light.


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