Poison Dart Frog – A5 Original Ink Artwork Drawing


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Poison dart frogs warn predators with brilliant colors and patterns, their name comes hunters which would use the frog’s poison on their arrow tips. Despite the fact that a golden poison frog has enough poison to kill ten men the blue poison dart frog is endangered due to the pet trade ! Best stick to a fluffy bunny.

This is a genuine original artwork (not a print) drawn with Sakura black ink on 1557 180gsm bright white heavy paper.

TThis will look great when mounted/framed and up on the wall, note that the price even includes FREE GLOBAL POSTAGE !!

Please contact me if you’d like a picture of your pet or animal drawn/painted in this style, commission slots are available currently.

(c) 2019 Steve Kidd. Please note that standard copyright law applies. Unless specifically stated copyright remains with the artist who reserves the right to reproduce any works in any format. Ownership of this artwork may be transferred (sold), however it cannot legally be reproduced by anyone else without express permission.


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