Robber/Coconut Crab – A5 Original Ink Artwork Drawing


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NOW SOLD – but please contact me if you wanted something drawn in a similar style


A coconut/robber crab can weigh 9 pounds and measure 3 feet from leg to leg. Coconut crabs are the largest land-living arthropods and can rip apart whole coconuts with their claws.

As well as coconuts they also eat other dead animals, other coconut crabs and even themselves!! Bits which fall off during moulting don’t go to waste. Eugh!!

They are known as robber crabs because they’ll also steal silverware and there’s even a theory that Amelia Earhart?s remains are missing because robber crabs stole them to eat.

This is a genuine original artwork (not a print) drawn with a fountain pen charged with purple ink. The price includes FREE GLOBAL POSTAGE.

Please contact me if you’d like a picture of your pet or animal drawn/painted in this style, commission slots are available currently.

(c) 2019 Steve Kidd. Please note that standard copyright law applies. Unless specifically stated copyright remains with the artist who reserves the right to reproduce any works in any format. Ownership of this artwork may be transferred (sold), however it cannot legally be reproduced by anyone else without express permission.


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