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Figure drawing with construction lines and an Instagram race 🏁

In the Harold Speed book, The Practice and Science of Drawing, there is an exercise on figure drawing and building up the scaf

A simple speed improvement exercise.

The drawing on the left was carried out whilst stood (uncomfortably) in front of this statue of Sir John Sloane at the Bank of

Self-portrait of my inner chimp

Here's a drawing from 2015, I chose to draw this after reading a great book. It's called The Chimp Paradox by Profes

Mobile phone drawing – part III

This is the third and final part of my posts on mobile phone drawing for now.  Back to normal old fashioned analogue artwork

Art Books and Terminology

As a new starter when learning to draw it’s exciting and very tempting to soak up all available sources of information.

Oh deer!

This was a copy of a drawing I particularly liked, the original was with graphite pencil.  My version was with charcoal thoug

Rubbish Art

Wait! Woah! What? Rubbish art ??? Yep, that’s right – rubbish, trash, refuse, garbage, or in this case… recy


Various elephant drawings, this first one is from the Howletts Park in Kent, England. A5 size pencil sketch.  This next o

Sketching practice – holiday barns

If you’re not already drawing but are interested (which I guess you are as you’re reading this) then really the nu

Furry cat in pencil

Remember the kitten from a couple of week’s back?  Fast forward several years and here she is again. The biggest challe